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Scotland Cay




Scotland Cay Home For Sale.

Scotland Cay (BAHAMAS) is a total private Island with around 50 houses and has his own air strip also prepared for JET´S because they renovate the whole air strip with tar on the end of 2006.

Guana Cay is the next Island in the neighbourhood to Scotland Cay and get complete developed now (10 minutes by boat away). Now there is a big investment ongoing on Guana Cay because they built a new exclusive Golf area „ BAKERS BAY „ and private homes, but Guana has no airstrip. Only the property prices in BAKERS BAY with no house are about 4 MIO US Dollars1.

Lot 3 Block A 15.000 square feet = 1.400 m? 2. Lot 2 Block A 49.904 square feet = 4.650 m? The reason for buying a half lot (Lot 3 Block A, this is only a hill) from Samahab was, to be sure, that nobody can built a house in front of the home. This is also fixed in the purchase contract.

Together 64.904 square feet = 6,029 m? Dock slip with a contract for 94 years. The contract ends on the 10th of May 2094. So a new buyer get the dock automatically with the house. The dock slip is for a 30 feet boat (9,15m), slip No „12“ in the main Marina. The house was finished on the end of 1997, and Allen Bethel was the constructioner. (very famous in this area) The cistern has a capacity of 30.000 gallons (113.000 Litre) Ground floor square footage: a) storage and garage: 536,5 square feet = 50 m? b) cistern.: 536,5 square feet = 50 m? c) two bedrooms with each 327,5 square feet and one king size bed in each room = 31 m? First floor has 1728 square feet = 160 m? The living room has 1073 square feet = 100 m? two bedrooms with each 327,5 square feet and one king size bed in each room = 31 m? All bedrooms in the house have there own bathroom with shower, hand wash, toilette, cabinets and its own air condition. The house has 6 main out door air condition units which are placed left and right from the main entrance.

Key Features

Ocean View

Offered at:
$5,950,000 sale price
4 Bedroom
Ocean View Home
Property Type: Single Family
Listing #: 4243
Status: New
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